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A How-to for Beginning Craps Players

May 23, 2012

Craps is often a mystery to many players and finding out how to play can be just as much a mystery.  There is never enough time or patient players to learn how to play craps at the actual casino table; most players expect you to know how to play before-hand.  This small instructional should help players that do not have an understanding of how to play craps.

For craps players, strategies for online playing have developed that are points-based.  The players use two types of bets that have less advantage for the house.  Those specific bets are the Come Bets and the Pass Line and have 1.4 percent and will payout even in cash.  The payout is increased further and the house edge is lowered by the bets being compounded with single free odds bets.

You have one objective – get two points on the table.  Then you have to back those points.  For example, a player begins with a one dollar bet on the Pass Line and rolls the dice.  The bet will automatically be won if the come out roll is either seven or eleven.  The bet will be lost if a two, three or eleven are thrown.  Either way, the player will begin again with a clear table.

Assuming a point has been established at four, after that come out roll, you have to make two additional moves.  First, place a one dollar free odds bet on the Pass Line. Do this by clicking on the area immediately outside the Pass Line.  Then place a chip there so it is differentiated from the original bet.  Since both bets have different payouts, this is important.  Second, place a Come bet of one dollar.  Again, the dice are rolled.

Both the Come and Pass Line bets are independently tracked.  Let’s look at the Pass Line bet first.  The Pass Line bet and the free odds bet will be lost and cleared from the table if a seven is thrown.  If a four is thrown, since this is the point, both bets – the Pass Line and the free odds – will be paid out and then removed from the table.  Either way, the player begins again by placing another Pass Line bet of one dollar.  As long as any other numbers are thrown, both bets will continue.

We know the point is 4.  If a seven, eleven, two, three or twelve is rolled; the bet will either be lost or paid out.  Regardless, the bets are removed from the table.  Should a nine be rolled the chip for the Come bet is moved to the nine box.  This is now the point for the Come bet.  To place a one dollar free odds bet for this, click on the box nest to that chip and place the bet.

We know have the scenario.  Bets for the Pass Line and free odds bet are on the table with four as a point, along with the Come bet and its free odds bet on the nine.  If a seven is thrown, all bets are lost.  The bets are removed from and you have to start over.  If a four is thrown, your Pass Line and its free odds bet are won, and again, removed from the table and you place a new bet for Pass Line. If a nine is thrown, you win your Come bet and its free odds bet.  As usual, these are removed and you start with a new Come bet. If any other number is thrown, all bets stay followed by the dice being rolled again.

Hopefully this short guide on how to bet and play craps has helped you to gain a better understanding of the game.  The finer intricacies of the game are only learned by experience.  The more you play, then the more you will learn about the game.


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