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April 19, 2011
Online Casino gaming introduces many terms that may be intimidating to new players. Here is a glossary of some of the most common online casino terms. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A Action РThe amount of money wagered by a player during an entire gambling session. In poker, the placing money into the pot. Active Player РIn poker, a player who is still in the pot or in the game. Add-on РIn poker, the facility to buy additional chips during a tournament. Aggregate Limit РTotal payout liability of a casino during a single game. Aggregate Winnings РCumulative or your total profit. All...

Gambling Humor

Getting bored? Have a break and see the compilation of the best and the most popular gambling humors and jokes on the web today. Bad State Lottery Did you hear about the new 3 million dollar State Lottery? The winner gets 3 dollars a year for a million years. The Marriage Bet There’s the touching story of the young man who said to his girlfriend, “I bet you wouldn’t marry me.” The story goes that she not only called his bet but she raised him five! The Ex Girlfriend Dear John, I have been unable to sleep since I broke off our engagement. Won’t you forgive and forget? Your absence is breaking my heart. I was a fool. I love you. All my love, Heather. xxx P....

Learning Center

If you are a new player and wish to embark on an online gambling experience, then this is where you should start. This page is your guide to all things related to online gambling. It will help you get the answers to many of the questions you might be having already or will have along the way. For example, it will show you where you should be placing your bets, getting to know the online gambling software available, how to get paid as well as some basic information about online gambling which would be quite helpful. Even if you are not a new player and have been going at it for a few years, there is always something to learn about online gambling, and this is where you can learn it. Where to...


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