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Bingo – It’s Not Just for Old People

February 23, 2012
Bingo is a fun, popular game played by all ages. There are variations in the game, like what pattern will constitute a bingo, but other than that, the rules are the same. All you need is concentration and quick response time. All you do is mark numbers on a card/screen. The rest is luck. Before you begin to play, if they have an example card displayed, take a look at it. Be sure you understand the goal of the game – is it to fill the entire card? Is it traditional bingo, or is there a certain pattern to be marked? Then, start marking a card. The caller will announce a number from 1 to 90. Fill in the numbers in the required pattern and you will win. You can play with one card, or ...

Internet Gambling in New Jersey

January 5, 2012
The state of New Jersey is now reasserting its efforts to become the first state to introduce internet gambling laws.  After an attempt in 2011, New Jersey failed to reach that distinction.  With a recent change of heart from the DOJ, New Jersey Senator Lesniak feels there is a better chance that the bill will pass because internet gambling within a state is no longer illegal. Lesniak’s bill has several fines attached to it for those that purse illegal operations.  One such fine charges a player one-thousand dollars for playing at an illegal operation.  Those that advertise an illegal operation will be fined ten-thousand dollars.  The only people that will be allowed to sign up for th...

Bodog Changes Things Up

December 21, 2011
Earlier this year Bodog announced that they would not be renewing their contract with the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group. The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG) was the Bodog Brand franchisee that serviced the American online gambling market with casino, poker, horse racing and sports betting verticals. In June 2011 Bodog had announced that it will let its agreement with MMGG expire at the end of 2011, following which American players would not be able to access the Bodog online gambling portals. This decision was taken keeping in mind the uncertainty in online gambling legalization in the United States and the growth in other online gambling markets that Bodog wanted to focus on. Bodog and MMGG ...

UEFA Euro 2012 Groups

December 14, 2011
The groups for Ireland and England in the Euro 2012 tournament have been released after the drawing took place in Kiev’s Palace of Arts this past Friday.  England (7/1) was placed in Group D with France (12/1) , the Ukraine (40/1) and Sweden (60/1), while Ireland (50/1) graced Group C with their presence along with Spain (9/4), Croatia (40/1) and Italy (14/1).  A comprehensive list of all of the groups, along with their chances of winning, have been released simultaneously. Groups A and B have the remaining 8 countries split between them, with Russia (16/1), Greece (40/1), Poland (40/1) and the Czech Republic (40/1) being paired together, and Denmark (100/1), Germany (7/2), Portugal (18/...

FTP Gets a Break

November 30, 2011
It looks like Full Tilt Poker has finally gotten a break after the events of Black Friday.  Only recently the Department of Justice in the US has announced their approval of an acquisition deal.  This deal, which lists that Groupe Bernard Tapie will take over, will also be paying back all of the players whose assets have been frozen.  This story was initially reported on CNN.com before it was officially approved, and as a result was quickly removed from their website. The statement that was released by the Department of Justice clearly states that the acquirement was approved, as was the reimbursement of players money.  This money has been frozen in the player’s accounts since the inci...

Business Investors Pro Online Gambling in the USA

November 15, 2011
US Digital Gaming has recently been created courtesy of a former executive at Mirage Resorts.  Richard Bronson took this step because of his strong belief in the legalization of online gambling in the United States.  Bronson believes that the software and advertising market will expand when online gambling passes legislation and will make these the main focus of US Digital Gambling.  A recent article in Fortune magazine that focuses on possible businesses that may become popular as a result of this legalization and how many US billionaires are jumping to become a part of this have chosen to interview Bronson to get his point of view. According to Bronson he already has several extremely ...

UK Hosting the 2011 Grand Slam of Darts

November 2, 2011
One of the biggest names in online sports betting in the UK has recently announced their sponsorship of the 2011 Grand Slam of Darts.  William Hill is sponsoring this event in order to take a break from the problems that have been occurring in the company’s Israeli office. This championship event is the biggest of the year and will be taking place from November 12th through November 20th at the popular venue Wolver Hampton Civic Hall.  William Hill has vowed to be a supporter for the entirety of the event, which will last nine days, and as always is fully complying with all British gambling laws. The Grand Slam will be featured on television via Sky Sports.  The pool of 32 players inclu...

Sports Betting Still a Possibility in New Jersey

October 10, 2011
The state of New Jersey likes to stay at the forefront of innovation when it comes to gambling, but tends to put the majority of its focus on casinos and table games.  Sports betting has always taken a backseat to these more popular forms, but recently has been edging its way to the front.  The only states in which sports betting is currently legal is in Nevada and Delaware, but New Jersey is looking to join them in this venture. While many New Jersey lawmakers have been looking to legalize this, the man who has had the most influence is Senator Raymond Lesniak, though he has had the tendency to switch his focus to online gambling as well.  Despite his efforts to push a bill through the g...

Microgaming Updates

September 26, 2011
One of the top online gaming software providers has recently been recognized for the wide variety of blackjack games. Microgaming currently has over 40 different blackjack games available to play in their casinos. There are three main categories that these games fall into; multi-hand, single hand, and high limit. The multi hand games allow a player to bet on five different hands at the same time, while the single hand allows just one at a time. The high limit extends the maximum credits you are allowed to bet from 200 in a normal game to 5,000 for high limit. Right now Microgaming offers four different games that have the high-limit option, three of which are of the single hand variety and o...

Bingo Software Online

September 16, 2011
Bingo has always been a favorite pastime for many offline players, but now with the surge in online casinos adding the game to their repertoire, online bingo games are taking the gaming community by storm. Currently, there are two providers of software for online bingo that are making an impression on the media.  The first is the well known Microgaming Company and the other is Rival gaming that just launched their first attempts in the area of online bingo programming. Rival Gaming is offering the following features to entice affiliates: - 100 card play simultaneouslySingle player bingo gamesNinety, eighty, seventy-five and thirty ball bingo games - Simple graphical user interfaceSpeed sett...


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