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June 8, 2011
It is the opinion of some that it is not necessary to have a strategy when gambling online. On the contrary, while no strategy can guarantee a player will win, using a smart strategy can sharpen a player’s edge and increase their odds of success. There are many legitimate websites that offer online gambling enthusiasts their favorite games to play. It is important that players choose the sites that are reputable and can provide a safe as well as fun gambling experience. A good way to know is to check that the software provider for the site is a reputable one, such as Crytologic, Playtech and Microgaming. After choosing a reputable site, you will also want to acquaint yourself with the basi...

Permanent Link to The WinLoss Slot Player’s Diary, a Useful New App from iTunes

May 27, 2011
An app was released on the iTunes site this last January targeting slots players. After having some time on the market, the app has proved useful and popular among users, frequently being mentioned in online casino forum discussions and related blogs. The app, created by David Walstead’s company Sandcroft Inc., is called the WinLoss Slot Player’s Diary and costs only $8 on iTunes. The idea is that slots players can keep a record of their wagering wins and losses and be able to access this information easily so that they can plan their future wagers. Many players do this already, but had to hand write notes, or enter data. Walstead created the app to do that work for the player so that th...

Cyprus Trying to Bank Online Casinos

May 20, 2011
The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a major host to many online gambling operators, most of which offer online casino portals. Because Internet connections are readily available within the country, and brick-and-mortar casinos are sparse, online gambling has thrived. Christos Christofides, deputy government spokesperson, told the Associated Press that under current laws, the rapidly growing business on the island has become a “social wound”. The issue is that online gambling is not exactly illegal, thereby making it legal by exclusion. Ionas Nicolaou, chairman of Legal Affairs Committee in Cyprus summed up the problem by saying, “Ninety five percent of electronic gambling services in...

Online Sports Betting to be a part of the 2012 Olympic Games

May 17, 2011
Despite recent scandals involving betting on sporting events, such as the Australian Rugby League last year and the cricket spot-betting scandal, the International Olympic Committee has announced that it will be endorsing regulated sports betting for the 2012 Olympics. President of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge stated, “Specifically, we are in favor of a system where betting operators have to be licensed by the government. Sports organizers, national federations, and international federations would have a fair return for all their efforts for organizing the sport. They should be recognized with a return from financial income.” It is speculated from his comments that ...

New Basketball Themed Slot Game Released

May 12, 2011
Realtime Gaming, a leading provider of online gaming software, has just released its newest addition to its American-sports themed slots. Basketbull is an NBA themed slot game that takes a comedic approach to the sport with various characters and animals true to RTG’s style, much like their other well-liked sports slots. In Basketbull, the wild symbol is represented by a bull dressed as a basketball player, appropriately named Basketbull. This wild symbol offers 10,000 coins, the highest fixed jackpot in the game. Basketbull is a fun character that playfully spins a ball on his finger when he shows up on the slot lines. The scatter symbol is a basketball that sprouts bull’s horns and off...

Alderney Speaks Out Against Media Scrutiny

May 8, 2011
Following the release United Kingdom Gambling Commissions 3rd Prevalence of Gambling survey, the British media reported that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission did not offer the level of protection to its online players at its licensed online gambling sites than those that were licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) has issued a statement defending itself from the media fire, stating that it is white listed by the United Kingdom authorities, proving that its licensed online gambling sites offer equal protection as those licensed in the UK. One issue brought up by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission was the way the AGCC tac...

Blackjack: A Brief History

May 1, 2011
There are many players that enjoy the game of blackjack, but few know the history behind this popular game. The blackjack that we currently know and love has a long history, and has changed over the years dating all the way back to 17th century Europe. Although the game was played differently depending on where it was in its evolution, one thing always remained the same: the objective is to reach 21. The first time the game was referenced (that we know of) was in a story written in 1601 by Spaniard Miguel de Cervantes. Two of his characters were skilled cheaters at a game named “Ventiuna”, which in Spanish translates to “21”. The game Ventiuna was very similar to our present day blac...

Latest Casino News

April 19, 2011
Global ATM Pulls out of some Online Gambling Sites June 6, 2011 Sad news for online gamblers looking for safe and reliable options for financial transactions; ECHECK, a well-liked and trusted online payment processor, is reportedly being pulled off some popular gaming sites after the site allegedly went offline and is unable to be contacted. Apparently the payment processor’s name, GATM or Global ATM, has been advertised on various online gambling websites. Global ATM was unhappy with this, not approving of the some of the websites’ conduct, thus deciding to pull their services off of these sites. So far, money owed by the company has not and will not be paid, forcing affiliates to abs...

Low Earnings, Good Outlook

January 2, 2011
After Black Friday, the online gambling industry in the United States was severely affected. 2011 has definitely reported the lowest earnings of the past ten years, and its effect can be seen in many different aspects. Many different online casino groups have had to shut down. The Department of Justice is currently looking into providing some kind of relief to these various groups. There has recently been an announcement from the DoJ regarding the misinterpretation of a piece of legislation. It has always been thought that the Wire Act of 1961 made all forms of online gambling, but further investigation shows something entirely different. The Act does make some types of gambling online ...


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