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TheTop10BestOnlineCasinos.com is the best online casino gambling guide to help you find the most secure online crap casinos. We list the craps casinos that offer the best casino bonuses, promotions and craps gaming tips.

Whether you are a new or an experienced player, TheTop10BestOnlineCasinos.com will help you find the best craps game for your level of expertise.

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Craps Tips To Remember:

  • If your going to take risks, do it when your rolling the dice.
  • Start at $1 bets until your playing with the casino’s money.
  • Take small risks after you’ve built up some spending money.
    Online craps uses certain technologies such as Random Number Generator, which is to provide random numbers and excitement available to land-based craps, and advanced graphics and animations to experience actual casino rooms. The resulting online craps softwares are tested and evaluated to provide integrity for the players so that they can experience the same fair gaming and true odds that the land-based casinos can offer.

    Craps is a game played with two or more players using two dice which is rolled. There are two variations of craps. The first variation is called street craps, a game where the players are playing against each other. The other is called bank craps, where the players wager money against the casino, which is also called the bank. Craps is definitely an exciting game, and most of the time, in casinos, the area where there is so much noise and excitement is the craps table. Craps is a fast game, where the winner is determined by the sum of the numbers which results from both dice after being rolled.

    How to Play Craps

    The mechanics on how to play craps and online craps is simple. The player who wish to shoot the dice. called the shooter, must throw the dice in order to start the game. Depending on the sum of the numbers which results from the dice roll, called the “come out roll”, the game can either be won or lost right off the bat, or continued for one or more rounds.

  • If the come out roll results to either 7 or 11, it is called natural, the shooter wins and starts a new game.
  • If the come out roll is either 2, 3 or 12, it is called craps. The round ends and the shooter “craps out” and loses, but the shooter will still continue to roll the dice.If either the number 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 is the come out roll, then a point number is established, and the shooter must roll the point number again in order to win.
  • If number 7 is rolled before the point number is obtained, this is called 7 out. The shooter loses and the game ends. The next player, usually in clockwise direction, will be the next shooter, or he can pass it to the next player if he may refuse the dice.
  • Dice Roll Outcomes

    The payout odds in Craps depend on the probability of dice combinations. The table below shows the possible dice outcomes, how man ways an outcome can be rolled, list of possible combinations, and as well as their probability of appearing.

    Dice Outcome No. of Ways Possible Combinations Chance of the Outcome
    2 1 1-1 2.77%
    3 2 1-2, 2-1 5.55%
    4 3 1-3, 2-2, 3-1 8.33%
    5 4 1-4, 2-3, 3-2, 4-1 11.11%
    6 5 1-5, 2-4, 3-3, 4-2, 5-1 13.88%
    7 6 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, 4-3, 5-2, 6-1 16.66%
    8 5 2-6, 3-5, 4-4, 5-3, 6-2 13.88%
    9 4 3-6, 4-5, 5-4, 6-3 11.11%
    10 3 4-6, 5-5, 6-4 8.33%
    11 2 5-6, 6-5 5.55%
    12 1 6-6 2.77%

    The game of craps revolves around the dice outcome of 7, because it has the highest probability of being obtained in a single dice roll. Technically in side betting, particularly in single-roll bets, numbers with higher chances of being rolled offers lower payouts than those more rare numbers. The numbers 2 and 12 have the lowest percentage of being an outcome, therefore, it is natural that these numbers have the highest payouts.

    Betting Options: Where to Place Your Bets

    In playing casino craps, other gamblers who are not shooting, or prefer not to shoot the dice, can also place their bets and have chances of winning more money. There are many kinds of bets in craps. These bets are categorized into two basic types: Line bets and Side bets. It is important to know the winning odds on each kind of bets and the House Edge, or the advantage of the casinos on taking your money, so that you can choose where to place your bet and enjoy longer playing. Moreover, it is also advisable to place your bet where there is a higher odds of winning, and a low house edge.

    Line Bets

    Line bets are the basic bets in playing craps. The bets are resolved by the winning or losing situations of the dice shooter.

    The first, fundamental Line bet is called the Pass Line bet, where the bettors bet with the shooter. Together with the shooter, they win if the come out roll is “natural”, lose if it is “craps”, or hope to obtain the point number before a 7 is rolled in order to win. Pass line bet is also termed as “Win” or “Right” bet, because the bettors are betting for the shooter to win. This is considered to be the best bet, with a house edge of only 1.41% and it is the best bet for beginners. The actual winning odds ratio for this bet is 251:244 (out of 251 tries, you can win 244 tries) and the casinos will pay a 1:1 ratio, that is, the amount you bet will be paid exactly the same if you win.

    Don’t Pass line bet is the bet considered as the Pass line’s opposite. It is “Don’t Win” or “Wrong” bet in other terms, because the bettors bet that the shooter will lose. The bet loses on natural (7 or 11), wins on craps (2 or 3 only), and a draw if he rolls 12. In other places, a roll of 12 wins and 2 loses. If a point number is obtained, the bet wins if a 7-out occured first than the point number, otherwise, he loses. This kind of bet is most of the time avoided by experienced craps players, even though it has a lower house edge, 1.36%, compared to Pass line. This is because most of them do not want to root against the shooter, i.e. if the shooter loses, they win, and vice versa. The payout is 1:1, same as the Pass line, but the actual odds is 976:949, slightly better than the Pass line.

    The Come bet is placed after a point number is rolled. The rules applied is similar to Pass line bet. If 7 is rolled first, then the Come bet wins, but the first round bet loses if it is Pass line, and wins if it is Don’t Pass line. The players can have more than one Come bets, as long as number 7 is not yet rolled. Come bet shares the same house edge, actual odds, and payout with the Pass line bet, so you should often make Come bets after a point is established.

    Opposite of the Come bet is the Don’t Come bet, which is also placed after a point is established. It applies the rules of Don’t Pass line bet, and the same house edge, payout, and actual odds. If you want to enjoy the action and make your budget last longer, then stick to the Pass/Don’t Pass line and Come/Don’t Come bets.

    The Odds bet is placed either on the Pass line, Don’t Pass line, Come, or Don’t Come bet after a point is established. This is to reinforce the bet of the players and gain higher payout if they win. You should often back-up your Pass line and Come bets, because the house edge is 0%, that is, they have no advantage over your Odds bets, and if combined with the low house edge of 1.41% on both Pass line and Come bets, your overall disadvantage will be reduced dramatically. The payout ratio depends on the point number established.

    Side Bets

    Side bets or proposition bets are those that are made on propositions of an outcome of the dice roll. Side bets are categorized into Single-roll bets, Multi-roll bets, and the Player ber. Side bets have higher house edges, and are sometimes considered as bad bets. Thus, they are sometimes avoided by experienced craps players. However, there are still many players that bet on side bets because of very high payouts they offer.

    The Single-roll bet is a bet which is resolved by one dice roll. The player wins if the dice roll the number where his bet is placed. These are the different terms used for different single roll bets:

    Aces or Snake Eyes is the bet that number 2 will be rolled. It has a high house edge of 13.89%, but it offers also a very high payout of 30:1, or you will be paid 30x of the amount you bet if ever you win. But this is quite risky, for the actual odds of number 2 for appearing is 35:1, or out of 35 tries, it will only appear once.
    BoxcarsCornrows, or Midnight is the bet for number 12. This shares the same house edge, payout, and actual odds with the number 2.
    Ace-Deuce is the bet for number 3. This has a payout of 15:1, but also has a high house edge of 11.11% and the actual odds is 17:1.
    Yo is the bet for number 11. This shares the same payout, house edge, and actual odds with Ace-Deuce.
    Hi-Lo is the bet that either 2 or 12 will be the dice outcome. This also shares wht Ace-Deuce and Yo in terms of payout, house edge, and actual odds.
    Any Craps or Three-Way is the bet that either 2, 3, or 12 will be the outcome. This also has 11.11% house advantage, but the odds are better at 8:1. The payout is 7:1.
    Any Seven is the bet for number 7. This has the highest house edge of 16.67%. The actual odds is 5:1 and the payout is 4:1.
    C & E is a combined bet for both Any Craps and Yo (11), in which only one of the two may win. C & E has a house edge of 11.11%, and the actual odds is 5:1. The payout is 3:1 if Any Craps wins, and 7:1 if Any Seven wins.
    Field bet is a bet where the playwer will win 1:1 payout if the dice rolls either 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11, and 2:1 if the numbers 2 and 12 results, but loses if the dice rolls either 5, 6, 7, or 8. The house edge in this bet is 5.56%, and the actual odds is 5:4, which is relatively good. Some offers 3:1 payout on number 12, and the house edge is lowered into 2.78%.
    Horn bet is where a player can bet 1 unit each for the numbers 2, 3, 11, and 12 at the same time, resulting to four separate bets where only one of the bets may win. The house edge in the Horn is 12.5% and the actual odds is 5:1. This offers a payout of 27:4 on numbers 2 or 12, and 3:1 on 3 or 11.
    Whirl bet or World bet is the Horn bet combined with Any Seven bet, resulting to a five-unit bet for each of the numbers of the Horn and the number 7, but if number 7 wins, it is a draw or push, because the bets lost on the Horn is won in the number 7. The house edge in this bet is 13.33% and the actual odds is 5:1. Its payout is the same with the Horn.
    On the Hop is a bet placed on any resulting combination on the next roll of the two dice, such as 3 for one die and 5 for the other, 4 and 2, 3 and 3, etc. A player can choose whether to bet on double numbers (2-2, 3-3, etc.) or different numbers (3-5, 2-3, etc.), with different house edge, actual odds, and payouts each. The house edge is 11.11% and the actual odds is 17:1 with a payout of 15:1 on unlike numbers. On double numbers, the house edge is 13.89%, the actual odds is 35:1, and the payout is 30:1.

    Multi-roll bets are side bets that may need more than one dice rolls to be resolved.

    Place bet is a bet wagered by a player on any of the point numbers, that is, the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, which is paid at odds slightly worse than the true odds. If that number is rolled before 7, then the bet wins. It loses if 7 results first. The player betting on a Place bet will tell the dealer to “place” a certain point number, Example is “place the 8″, where the player will bet on number 6 to be rolled before a 7. Numbers 4 and 10 both have a house edge of 6.67%, actual odds of 2:1, and payout of 9:5. Numbers 5 and 9 have 4% house edge, 3:2 odds, and 7:5 payout. Numbers 6 and 8 have 1.52% house edge, actual odds of 6:5, and payout of 7:6.
    Buy bet is a bet which applies the same betting rules as the Place bet. This bet is paid based on true odds, better than the Place bet. However, the bet is charged a 5% commision. The player betting on a Buy bet will tell the dealer to “buy” a certain point number, such as “buy the 6″. All point numbers on this bet have the same house edge of 4.76%, and they share the common odds with the Place bets. In terms of payout, a 5% commision is added on each point number won. Buy 4 and 10 have 2:1 payout. Buy 5 and 9 have 3:2. Buy 6 and 8 have 6:5 payout.
    Lay bet is the term called where the player wins if number 7 is rolled first before the point number where they place the bet, the opposite of Place and Buy bets. Lay bet also have an additional 5% commision if it wins. Lay 4 / Lay 10 have 2.44% house edge, 1:2 actual odds and payout. Lay 5 / Lay 9 have 3.23% house edge, 2:3 actual odds and payout. Lay 6 / Lay 8 have 4% house edge, 5:6 actual odds and payout.
    Big 6 is a bet that number 6 will be rolled before a 7.
    Big 8 is a bet that number 8 will be rolled before a 7. Big 6 and Big 8 both have the same actual odds with Place/Buy 6 and Place/Buy 8, but have a higher house edge of 9.09% and offer a lower payout of 1:1. It is usually avoided by experienced craps players.
    Hard Way is where a player bets on one of the numbers 4, 6, 8, or 10 to be rolled by the shooter before the number 7, with both dice showing the same number, that is, 2-2 is Hard 4, 3-3 is Hard 6, 4-4 is Hard 8, and 5-5 is Hard 10. Hard 4 and 10 have a house edge of 11.11%, actual odds of 8:1, and payout of 7:1. Hard 6 and 8 have 9.09% house edge, 10:1 actual odds, and 9:1 payout.
    Easy Way is the opposite of Hard Way, where the player will bet for one of the numbers 4, 6, 8, or 10 to be rolled before 7 with the dice showing different numbers, such as 3-1 for number 4, 2-4 for number 6, etc.

    Player bet is another type of side bet where the bet is placed on the players, not on a particular dice roll result. One type of player bet is the Fire bet, where a player can bet for the shooter to win point numbers of different values in more than three times. Each winning streak will increase the payment odds as the number of wins in a row increases.

    Craps is known to be a rowdy, fast-paced game when being playing in a traditional casinos, but playing online craps is faster. Since everything is already programmed, there is no time wasted on getting the dice, waiting for other bets, etc. If you really mean to play and win/lose money fast, then online craps is the best choice for you.

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