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Keno gambling is the most secure form of online gambling. It’s a highly entertaining and fun way to gamble. Offering high payouts and great bonuses, TheTop10BestOnlineCasinos.com has reviewed some of the best keno casinos. Play them for FREE here!

Online Keno is a game which is gaining popularity in the Internet. Keno is a game which resembles bingo and lottery games, where the player relies on pure luck in order to win. It is a game designed for many players.

The game originated in China. There was once a legend that an ancient city was saved by the invention of keno in the time of war, and it helped raising funds in building the Great Wall. However, this was proven to be untrue, because public institutions receiving additional funds from lotteries was not accepted in China prior to the late 19th century. The true origin of the game is the lottery of the Chinese called “baige piao”, where they played using sheets where the first 80 Chinese characters of their Thousand Character Classic were imprinted. Keno was introduced to the Western world by the Chinese immigrants in the 19th century.

The modern version of the Chinese game, which is the present Keno, also applies the 80-character mechanics. The players are given one or more tickets where the numbers from 1 to 80 are printed. They will select the amount of bet, then manually select their numbers and mark it on their tickets. The count of numbers a player can select is called “spots”, and they may be the same or different for different casinos. Most casinos allow the players to choose from 1 to 20 spots. But sometimes, the paytable wagers are allowed for only 3 up to 10 spots. Others are 12 to 15 spots. The casinos then will draw 20 winning numbers from 1 to 80 randomly, using manual devices or automated machines. If one of the winning numbers drawn matches a spot selected by the players, then it is called a “catch” or a “hit”. Their winning prizes are based on how many catches or hits they have.

Manual keno games in casino keno booths sometimes use traditional devices. One is the transparent container with two tubes forming a V-shape on the top. This is called the “Rabbit Ear”, which houses 80 number-printed ping pong balls, each containing unique numbers from 1 to 80. The balls are being mixed inside the container by a continuous blow of air when it is time to draw a ball, and a “caller” opens a tube by pressing a lever, and the balls will be lifted one at a time into the “rabbit ears”. The caller, together with a “verifier”, will then record the numbers until they have drawn up to 20 numbers. Another device is a metal ball cage mounted on an axle, which spins and mixes the balls until a number falls into a slot and then recorded and validated. This device is called the “Hand Cage”.

Video Keno and Online Keno games use Random Number Generators approved by gaming authorities to generate the winning 20 numbers. The players uses a computerized representation of a keno ticket displayed on the screen where up to ten numbers from 1 to 80 are selected and marked, usually by mouse-click. The selection can be done manually one by one, or they can quickly pick any number of random spots. The paytables most of the time differ from one keno software to another.

Refer to this Online Keno Paytable below to understand the Keno Payouts:

Online Keno is preferred by many players over its real-life counterparts. This is due to the convenience it offers to the players. They do not need to got to traditional casinos and look for the Keno lounge, because the webpage itself is the game venue.

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