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Boxing is a famous sport which features a one-on-one fight using only glove-wearing fists which lasts usually from 8 to 12 rounds. Strict rules are imposed in a boxing match, and the boxers should have discipline and well trained bodies in order to win against each other.

The only betting rules applied in boxing is the money line bet and the over/under bet. The other sportsbetting wagers cannot be applied, such as the point spread, parlays, and teasers. Point spread is quite difficult because the points will only be applied in case all rounds are spent and both boxers are still able to fight. In a boxing match, there is a large possibility that the match will end earlier without completing the alloted number of rounds. This is due to several boxing factors, such as a knock-out (KO), technical KO (TKO), and player disqualification. Parlays and teasers cannot be also applied due to the irregularities of the schedule for famous boxers to bout, as well as for the large span of time between the matches of the few famous boxers.

Money Line Bets in Boxing

One of the boxers who are about to exchange blows in a boxing match can be labeled as a favorite by most to win, and the other one will be the underdog, who is less likely to win. In this situation, the money betting line can be seen as follows:

  • Favorite Boxer: -1200
  • Underdog Boxer: +700
  • Draw: +1700

The odds are usually stated in terms of $100. Considering the above example, a bet of $1200 on the favorite will yield only $100 if he wins the match. If the underdog boxer wins in the bout, a bet of $100 will win an additional $700. The lower payout for the favorite boxer is due to the fact that he is more likely to win in the match, and the high payout for the underdog is because he has only a little chance of winning against the favorite.

In a boxing match, a draw is rarely seen as the outcome. This is the reason for the very high payout percentage for a draw between the match of the two boxers considering the example above, a $100 bet on a draw to occur will win an additional $1,700.

The odds of the outcomes changes everyday. It can increase or drop on the next day, depending on the amount of bettors. If there are new bettors on the underdog, then the odds will drop a little on the underdog and will rise a little on the favorite. Likewise, if there is an increase in the number of bettors on the favorite, then the odds on the favorite will decrease and the odds on the underdog will increase. This change in the odds will continue until the day of the fight arrives. However, the bettors will be paid depending on the odds for the day when they placed their bets. For instance, a bettor place his bet on the underdog with the odds of +700. The next day, the odds has dropped to +650. If the underdog wins the match, he will be paid at the +700 odds.

Over/Under Bets in Boxing

Bettors are also given choices to bet on the over/under bets. In this type of bet, the boxing sports betting experts will set up a value, which is the expected number of rounds the fight will last. The bettors have the option whether to bet on the over in which they believe that the fight will last for more than the declared value, or to wager on the under, in which they say that the fight will be finished earlier than the set value. Each option has also its corresponding payout. For instance, the over/under can be set such as this:

  • Total Rounds: o 8.5 +160
  • Total Rounds: u 8.5 -135

In this scenario, the over/under number is 8.5 (the decimal is made to avoid the possibility of a push). Gamblers betting on the over will win if the boxing match lasts more than 8 rounds, and a $100 bet on this option will earn $160. Bettors who wager on the under will win if the boxing match has ended on the 8th round or earlier. If the declared over/under number is set to 8 and the match has ended on the 8th round, it is considered as a push or a tie, and the bets are returned to the bettors.

In the United States, sports betting on boxing is not as popular as those with basketball, baseball, hockey, and football. However, there are world famous boxers that can catch the attention of the people worldwide when they would be facing off against another famous and strong boxer. Thus, sports betting on their boxing match brings excitement to gamblers all over the world.

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