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How to Bet on Golf

Golf has always been associated with betting, it is an unpredictable game which can have anything happen and this sport itself has managed to whip up interest from a lot of bookies and gamblers and now has become a worldwide spectacle, along with the growth of online gambling.

The growth of online sportsbooks and online casino has made it suitable for golf fans around the world to place their bets on golf tournaments weekly on their favorite international players or on long shots that payout big odds on their first win. There are 2 main options in golf betting. When you look for golf betting games you have the option to bet on a golfer to win a golf tournament and you have the option to bet a golfer in a matchup against another golfer.

You can bet on a particular golfer to win the event, a bet that a golfer will place in the top three, or bet that a particular golfer finishes higher than another golfer:

Sample of a Golf Game Line:

  • Tiger Woods: +150
  • Phil Mickelson: +250
  • Steve Stricker: +300
  • Jeff Overton: +700
  • Ernie Els: +700
  • Field: +600

In the above game line, golf betting odds are intrinsically listed as money line odds, meaning for every $10 you place your bet to Tiger Woods, you’ll win $15 if he wins. Another, if your $10 bet is for Jeff Overton, you will win $70. However, since your bet is returned to you on a winning bet, your $10 bet on Jeff Overton will receive $80 back from the sportsbook or online casino and not $ 70, for they are require you to pay for your betting services.

The golf betting odds will easily be lower when betting on a golfer to finish in the top three, as the sportsbook must pay off 3 different winning bets, as opposed to just one.

Sample of a Golf Game Line:

  • Tiger Woods: -1600
  • Phil Mickelson: +100
  • Steve Stricker: +110
  • Jeff Overton: +200
  • Ernie Els: +200
  • Field: -110

In the above game line, you would have to stand a chance of a $16 to win $10 that Tiger Woods will finish first, second, or third, while those who bet on Jeff Overton stands to win $20 on their $10 bet, instead of $70. Moreover, the last commonly placed bet in golf is “head-to-head finish” between 2 players. You don,’t have to bother on what place the golfer finishes in, as long as the golfer betted on finishes higher than the other golfer.

Sample of a Golf Game Line:

  • Tiger Woods: – 190
  • Steve Stricker: + 150

In the above game line, those who place their bets on Tiger Woods, or finish higher than Steve Stricker will be asked to stand a chance okf a $19 to win $10, while who place bets in Steve Stricker will finish higher than Tiger Woods will put up $10 to win $15.

Golf Betting Types

Golf is popular all around the world and there are millions of people that play the sport as a hobby. Just like any other sport, golf betting involves a fair amount of strategy. And one of the first things that you should know about strategy for golf wagering is that it’s not a good idea to place win bets on the best golfer.

Golf betting is quite the same in that people either know what they’re doing and make money or have no clue what they’re doing and subsequently take huge losses with their bets. One of the ways in which golf betting is different from betting in other sports is the lack of a system that allows you to spread your options. If you are a novice at golf betting, this is the best time to know the different types of golf betting.

  • Nassau: one of the most popular golf tournament formats and golf bets. It’s essentially three tournaments and/or bets in one: the front nine, back nine and 18-hole scores all count as separate tournaments or bets.
  • Bingo, Bango, Bongo: a points-based game that can be played by any number of players, from two up. Bingo Bango Bongo awards points throughout the round for three different accomplishments. At the end of the round, points are totaled and the differences are paid out.

    Add up the points at the end of the game, high points wins. Moreover, Bingo Bango Bongo gives weaker players a chance to earn points because what matters is being first at something. For this game to work you always have to play by the rules.
  • Wolf: a golf betting game or points game for a group of 4 players. On each hole, the player designated as the Wolf has to choose whether to play 1 against 3, or 2 on 2; and if 2 on 2, then the Wolf has to choose a partner. The Wolf can win or lose more money by going it alone.
  • Combination Bet: involves combining more than one of the above bets. You must win all the bets in the combination to win. The value of the payout is equal to all the individual odds multiplied together.

    Let’s say, you bet Tiger Woods to win at 10/1 and Ernie Els to beat Phil Mickelson in a Match Bet at 4/1 then the overall odds would be 40/1 if both bets came through.
  • Money Ball: a game for 4-person teams that puts the pressure on one player per hole to come through for the team. In this game, two scores per hole are added together for the team score.

    One of those 2 scores must be from the player with the money ball. So on each hole, the team score will be the score of the player with the money ball, plus the lowest score of the other three players on the team. If the player playing the money ball loses it, that player is eliminated from the game. The group would continue as a threesome with a new money ball. However, if the money ball is lost, the entire team is eliminated from the competition.
  • Arnies: a side bets whose value should be determined prior to the round. They are won automatically by any golfer who makes a par without having managed to get his ball into the fairway.
  • Barkies/ Woodies Or Seves: these bets are paid automatically to any player who makes par on a hole on which he hit a tree. The value of a Barkie is determined before the round.
  • Match Bet: bet on whether one player will beat or tie another over a stroke play tournament.
  • 18 Holes Match Betting: the player scoring the lowest score over the 18 holes stated will be deemed the winner.

Golf Betting Tips And Strategies

Golf betting is among the sport bettings, which acquire a greater amount of popularity day by day. The growth of golf betting happened very hasty. It’s been 20-25 years ago, only a few prominent golf tournaments that were broadcasted on television were bet on, whereas nowadays golf betting is among sports that get a high amounts of bets played.

Take form into account when you are seeking to bet on a player. While it is very possible that a player can hold out against expectations based on current form, this is typically more an oddity than a trend.

Enough Bankroll

Nothing worse than losing and not having the money to pay, or worse yet having to call the match at some point because you don’t have enough money to continue.

Never Intentionally Run Over Someone’s Ball

Especially in the fairway with your golf cart unless you are absolutely sure you won’t get caught. If caught laugh hard and act like you wanted them to see that. Be prepared to allow them to clean and place and maybe throw a club at you.

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