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NCAA Football

How To Bet On NCAA Football

Online gambling has flourished in recent years and with so many online casino games to choose from, you might overlook the possibility of getting into NCAA betting. The National Collegiate Athletic Association offers many different sports throughout the year, and many sportsbooks offer the opportunity for NCAA betting which can be one of the best types of sports betting to undertake.

NCAA Football betting is exactly the same as betting on the NFL in regards to using the College Football betting line to separate two teams that are playing one another. The only exception however is the tendency to see betting lines that are a lot higher in the NFL.

This is in view of the diversity in the number of teams and the large contradiction in the quality especially the talent gap of those teams that results from that fact. Online casinos, Bookmakers and sportsbooks use NCAA college football betting lines to have a shot and get even action on both teams. They sanctify 1 team as the front-runner and the other team as the underdog.

Lets say Ohio and Illinois are squaring off and you hear Ohio is favored by 4.5 points. Online casinos and sportbooks bookmakers have said that Ohio is 4.5 points than Illinois, and if you want to place a bet on theOhio, they must win the game by 5 points or more. Any other result would mean that Illinois covers the spread. As long as Illinois loses the game by less than 5 points or wins the game outright, all Illinois bettors would be winners.

NCAA Betting Types

NCAA football betting has is popular because there are a number of ways that you can bet on a college football game. These different betting range for low risk with low payouts while other bets offer high risk with high payouts.

Like all types of football betting, the most desirable way for you to get comprised and make sure that you are playing wisely is to set about a certain amount of research about the probability of the team that you are betting on winning. As the case may be, one of the best things about the NCAA betting is that there are untamed variations of NCAA bets that will guide you to win.

Straight Bet Point Spread

The point spread is the most popular form of NCAA football betting. Basically, a point spread is used to even out the odds between two sides in a sporting event. In a point spread the favored team is always handicapped by subtracting points or goals (–), whereas the underdog is given points or goals (+).

All of these types of wagers have odds of 11/10 unless otherwise indicated. Lets say you will bet $100 to win $100. The team you bet on must win by the point spread that was given at the time of the point spread are considered a “push”. Depending on the actual sportsbook, there is no action, and the money is refunded.

However, Staight bet may rise and fall at any time. When betting on NCAA football lines, the team you bet on must “cover the spread”. Meaning, you must win and not to lose by a predetermined margin of points.

For example: You bet for the team of Illinois, team Illinois must win by 7 points for you to win.However, if you bet for the team Ohio, this must consider the following:

Ohio wins.
The game is tie/ draw.
Ohio lose not more than 6 points.

Note: If Ohio wins with 6 points, the bet is confirmed a “push”.

The Moneyline Bets: this type of wager eliminates the point spread and results in you either risk more money on the favorite to win less or a little bit on the underdog which pays more. The moneyline is bet based on odds, not a point spread. 

For example: You place your bet on Miami -160 at Buffalo +260. If Miami wins, you will lay $160 to win a $100. However, if you bet for the team Buffalo, you will $100 to win $260. There will be a minus sign (–) foregoing number denotes the team is an “underdog”.

Half Time Bets: normally set on nationally televised games. At the conclusion of the first half of action, the line maker sets a betting line on the action for the second half of the game. Primarily, this is just like beginning a new bet. The only score that come about after Football Half Time is considered when calculating the betting results. 

Parlay Bets: most likely the best low risk/high reward bet that can be made in NCAA football betting. A Parlay is a wager in which 2 or more bets are combined. The parlay is a type of bet that allocates you to bet a small amount with the chance to win a large payout. You can bet as little as a $1, but depending on how many bets you include in the parlay you can end up winning big. 

A parlay is betting on 2 or more types of bets, conventionally either against the point spread or the over/under. They catch is that every pick you make has to win. Even one loss makes your parlay bet a loser. The more bets you make, the less likely you are to win. But if you are skilled or lucky enough to pick multiple games the parlay lets you turn a small bet into a big payout.

Over/Under Bets: another popular type of NCAA football betting is the over/under. This bet has nothing to do with spreads or money lines. This type of bet is specific to the total points scored in the game by both teams. You can select to bet on either the over or under of the posted total. 

Lets say, you bet on the “Over”, betting the team will score more than the total number posted by the bookmarker, or you bet on the “Under”, hoping that the team will scores less than the number posted by the bookmarker. You can also bet on the total score of the game that will be more or less than the number listed.

There’s no difference on which team covers the spread. Just add the final score of each team and the payout is figured at odds of 10/11.

Teaser Bets: allow you to choose between 2, 3 or 4 teams. Both have to cover except these are a bit more fun in that you can add or subtract points from the point spread. A teaser is great if you are the type of gambler who is constantly losing by a point or two after handicapping your games because it allows you take a point or two whenever you believe they are necessary. 

Prop Bets: types of bets that bring some fun to NCAA football betting. The sports betting providers can over many various types of prop bets, from who will win the coin flip to who will score the first touchdown. There have even been odds given as to which songs will be performed during a halftime show. 

Future Bets: a bet on the result of the event that happen every year. These are a form of NCAA football betting that offers you the capacity to pick a team to win a league. You are also able to bet on if a team will go over or under the posted season total wins. The odds pay big bucks if you hit them, and even the favorites may offer a great return. 

However, there are no refunds and no switching of teams at any time. To bet using Future Bet, tell the ticket writer the bet number of the team you wish to bet, with the point spread, and the amount you wish to bet. The payout, unless stated otherwise, is figured at odds of 10/11. This means that a bet $11 you’ll win $10 and return $21.

NCAA Betting Tips And Strategies

When it comes to being successful when betting on NCAA Football, it’s really nice to know not just just a tips to win but tips and strategies to prolong your bankroll. There are a number of things that someone betting on football can do to experience a better rate of success:

  • Researching a game and finding out why one team is favored over another and if that advantage is reasonable and considering it as one of the best ways to find games that are out of harm’s way bets. More money has been lost by NCAA football bettors betting on games they know nothing about than on anything else in college football betting.
  • The most common mistake in a novice sports betting player’s game plan is that they bet for enjoyment almost as much as they bet for profit. Limit your bets to only a handful per week, and handicapping these games to the fullest.

    Instead of playing 10 games per week with minimal knowledge, they bet 2-3 games with a lot more knowledge, their percentage of winning NCAA football picks will multiply drastically.

  • Novice sports betting players think that it doesn’t matter where you place your bet, but the truth is that there are times that numerous sportsbooks may offer different lines. Most of the time the betting line that you find published nationally is going to be fairly close to what most sports books offer, but when a difference of a half point or one point can mean the difference between winning and losing, it is just well-turned-out to look around for the best sports betting line from the most reliable sportsbooks or online casino providers.


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