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Tennis is a sport which is quite popular worldwide, especially on the other side of the Atlantic. There are many famous major tennis tournaments that are held for the whole year such as the Grand Slam tournaments, Wimbledon, the French Open, and the Australian Open, and sports betting on a tennis match is an interesting idea, in which the most common bets are based on individual games and the match’s overall outcome.

Money Line Bet in Tennis

The most common type of bet applied by both land-based and online sportsbooks in tennis betting is the traditional money line bet. The format of this betting line in tennis is as follows:

  • Favorite Tennis Player: -600
  • Underdog Tennis Player: +540

In tennis, there is always a player which is favored by many to win which is maybe due to his good playing forms and performance and makes him the favorite player, whereas his opponent would be the underdog. In the example above, the bettors for the favorite will lay $600 and will be only paid $100 if the favorite player wins the match. On the other hand, the bettors for the underdog will only wager $100 and will gain additional $540 if the underdog wins.

Sets Betting in Tennis

Sportsbooks can also offer the gamblers a combination of the point spread and money line bets, which is the sets betting. In this betting system, the favored player will have to lay a number of sets, while the underdog will get the specified number of sets. For example, if there would be a match between Roger Federer and Tommy Haas, a posted sets betting can be as follows:

  • Roger Federer: -1.5 -279
  • Tommy Haas: +1.5 +259

In order for those who bet on Federer to win the bet, Federer must win by 2 sets or more. On the other hand, if Haas managed to win, or only lose by 1 set, then those who wager on him will win the bet. With the odds applied being Federer as the favorite despite of the handicap, those who bet on him will wager $279 and will be paid only $100 if Federer emerges victorious, whereas those who chose to bet on Haas will only wager $100 and well be paid $259 if Haas has managed to pull the trigger and beats Federer.

Tennis Betting Tips

In order to effectively make money on tennis betting, the most important part is to know the players themselves. Have a comparison of the players according to the following factors:

Player Rank and Statistics: Getting to know the top 10 or top 20 list of tennis players should be done first because the ranking is a crude measurement of the players’ performances. The ranking of the players according to win-loss records can also be helpful in choosing where to bet on, because they can also reflect a player’s performance. However, it is not wise to rely solely on rank, because there can be a change of momentum in each game, and it’s not guaranteed that the number one player will always win. But, if a ranked player will be matching up against a player who is unheard of in the opening tournament, it is quite wise to bet straight on the ranked player.

Player Forms in Recent Games: Aside from the rankings, it is essential to know the recent form and performance of a player during his recent games. If it seems that the player was not in a very good shape and conditions during his last few matches, it may be wise to lay off wagering on him because this can have negative effects on how he will play the next match. On the other hand, a player who is showing very good performance in his recent games may be a good choice to bet on because this can boost his morale on his next games and increase the chance of his win.

Player Injuries: Knowing each player if they have injuries or not is an essential part of tennis betting. It is not a good idea to bet on a player when he is known to have just recovered from a recent injury because this could affect his performance in the game. In addition, a player who has been on a prolonged absence from playing may be shaped bad for playing and may not recover his rhythm and balance in playing easily.

Playing Surface: There are different playing courts in tennis tournaments, such as clay (in the French Open), hard acrylic (Australian Open), and grass (Wimbledon). Tennis balls have different bouncing reactions depending on the court used, and tennis players may have a specific court where they can play at their best and where they can have bad performance in playing. It is wise to note the performance of the players while playing on a specific court.

Tennis tournaments are present from the month of January until December every year. Since sports betting is illegal in any other states, the only land-based sportsbooks are in the casinos in Nevada. But with the help of online sportsbook and online sports betting sites, as well as from a large number of online casino websites that offer sports betting, tennis betting enthusiasts can conveniently wager and receive their payouts online.

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