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While looking for a good online video poker casinos, it is imperative to consider what is being offered to you. There are variation of video poker machines and games to choose from, such as deuces wild, all american, tens or better.

If you are looking to have fun, you should try one of the many video poker machines found on TheTop10BestOnlineCasinos.com. Unlike slots, video poker is a game of skill and strategy. We will guide you to success.

Though there are hundreds of variations of video poker online, fortunately they are all very similar and easy to learn. Master the poker terminology, learn the difference between video poker games and review several important. Improve your game and become an expert at video poker.

Video Poker Tips To Remember:

  • Make sure to memorize all of the different winning hands.
  • Not every video poker game pays out the same per hand.
  • Find out what cards are wild before playing the game.
  • Only the maximum bet per hand will win the big jackpot.
  • Play for the smaller hands, and don’t wait for the big ones.

About Video Poker

Video poker is an exceptionally a sought-after online casino game that entails a high level of skill to become unbeaten. Why is it called “video poker”? Its because you play the game against a machine. The groundwork of video poker is set on the game of 5 draw poker. It is the result of the various ways by which various of generations have played poker.

Video poker of earlier days–that was 1800′s, were operated by putting a coin.These machines were manufactured by a Brooklyn company called “Sittman and Pitt” in late 1800′s. There are 5 drums which held poker cards could be spun by pulling a handle. However, the 10 of Spades as well as Jack of Hearts were excluded to wind down the chances of winning. For the winners, they are serve of drinks or cigars.

Video poker machines from the previous years were black and white. They were launched in 1976 but within 8 months of their commencement, colored machines also showed up. Nowadays, these machines can be normally found throughout traditional casinos. It has also gone through numerous of variations which includes games with progressive jackpots, wildcards, payoff schedules that have been adapted. The video poker was introduced over the internet after Microprogramming introduced casino software for the internet in 1994 which came as a delectable addition to video poker history. The online casino players has acknowledged exceptionally towards video poker.

How To Play Video Poker

The idea of video poker is much the same in real poker games apart from that, bets are somewhat smaller than the real poker betting rules.

A player puts a coin and presses a button to set about the deal. Just like in a real poker game, the player is allowed to either keep or dump some of his cards. A new card may be dealt by the electronic banker in exchange for the throw out cards to make up a 5-card deal. A player can chose to stay with his cards or ditch some of them to establish a fighting fit possible hand with the cards he has been dealt. Any winnings will then be credited automatically.

Video Poker Hands
The hand rankings of video poker game are basically similar in all its variety:

Royal Flush – You will be given a 2,000 points and when ace is the highest rank.
Straight Flush – You will be given a 250 points if your card should be in arrangement and of the same suit.
Full House - There will be a 3 cards should be of same type with a pair and you will get 40 points.
Four Of A Kind – You will be given a 125 if you should contain 4 cards of same rank.
Straight – It provides 20 points and here the cards should be consecutive
Flush – You will be given a 25 points if you have an all cards of the same suit.
Three Of A Kind – There must be a 3 cards that should be of same rank and for this you will get 15 points.
Pair – For 2 pair with different ranks, you will get 10 points and for single pair with same rank you will get 5 point.
Types of Video Poker

Jacks or Better – A player needs to obtain at least a pair of jacks in order to win.
Deuces Wild – A player needs to obtain at least a 3 of a kind in order to win.
Jokers Wild – A player needs to obtain at least a 2 pairs in order to win
Aces and Faces – Much the same with the jacks or better, a hand of 4 aces is considered a high calibre than to a straight flush and a hand of 4 kings, queens or jacks is preferred over a lower scored four of a kind.
Aces and Eights- The notable element in this type of video poker is that a hand containing a four of a kind come up with a higher amount of winnings.
Tens or Better- A player needs to obtain at least a pair of tens to become a winner.
Multi-Hand Play- You must pay the initial bet for each hand, so if you want to bet 3 coins per hand, a 3-handed game will cost you 9 coins per round.

Video Poker Tips And Strategies

Playing video poker comprise of a certain skill. You have to settle upon which cards to hold and which to get rid of. Most of the time these decisions are simple enough, but in some cases it is not easy to know the best strategy.

Look for online casino sign-up bonuses, as well as games with bonus rounds or progressive jackpots. The bonus rounds and progressive jackpots are great ways to boost your winnings. A bonus round means you can further push your bet and possibly double your money or even more. It is often the best bet available in video poker, giving you even money on your bet.

Make sure you have enough money to pull through an extended losing streak. Always remember that to win the progressive jackpot, you will have to play the maximum amount of coins that the machine allows. If this will eat into your bankroll too much, drop to a lower limit, rather than playing fewer coins.

Always bet on the maximum bet, this gets you into the big jackpots if you land a royal flush. Play any video poker game that allows for jacks or better to win even money. A pair of jacks is the lowest hand you can have on video poker and win. Some video poker games will ask for two pair or a three of a kind as the lowest hand to win on. To get a pair in poker you have the odds of 42%.

Check the pay tables you are playing by for the video poker machine. The better the payout the better the machine. Most of the video poker machines are standard, but you might find some payout bonuses for certain hands like the Bonus Deuces Wild or Double Bonus video poker.

Once you come to understand all the complexity of video poker, this could end up being your preferred casino game.

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