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Online Casino gaming introduces many terms that may be intimidating to new players. Here is a glossary of some of the most common online casino terms.



Action – The amount of money wagered by a player during an entire gambling session. In poker, the placing money into the pot.

Active Player – In poker, a player who is still in the pot or in the game.

Add-on – In poker, the facility to buy additional chips during a tournament.

Aggregate Limit – Total payout liability of a casino during a single game.

Aggregate Winnings – Cumulative or your total profit.

All-in or going all in – A player is considered to be All-in when he or she bets all his or her remaining chips. Going “All-in” in poker, to call or to bet all your chips. If another player bets more chips than you have in a no Limit game, you can go All-in and stake your stack against an equivalent amount of your opponent’s stack.

All or Nothing – In Keno, a ticket that only pays when either all of the picked or selected numbers are drawn or none of the picked or selected numbers are drawn.

Alpo – An underdog, the side that has the least likely chances of winning.

Anchor – In Blackjack, From the dealer’s right, the last player in the game.

Anchor Man – A man who is an anchor in a competition, such as a relay race. In Blackjack, the player wagering on the last box on the table is said to be “anchoring” the game.

Ante – In card games, a required bet to start a hand. The initial compulsory bet prior to receiving your cards in Caribbean Stud Poker.

Any Craps – In Craps, A bet covering 2, 3, and 12 in one-roll dice.

Any Seven – In Craps, A bet covering any seven in one-roll dice.

Any Twelve – In Craps, a wagered on a roll of twelve. The payout would be thirty to one Arm in this bet.

Arm – In Craps, a player with such skill at throwing the dice that he or she can alter the game’s conventional odds.

Audition – A dealer examination that must be pass before a casino hires him or her.



Baccarat – A table game utilizing 6 or 8 decks of cards which don’t required any skill. Baccarat is also known as Punto Banco and Chemin De Fer

Back Counting – In Blackjack, A technique use by a Blackjack card counting experts. They are waiting for the count to be favorable before sitting down and, also they are sitting behind an active player and count the cards.

Back Line – In Craps, the equivalent of Don’t Pass Line.

Bad Beat – Loosing a large amount of money.

Bag – A British casino term for “thousand”. eg. One bag is equal to one thousand.

Banker – The dealer in a card game.

Bank Roll – A player’s total gambling money.

Bar the 12 – In Craps, this is the transforms of the 12 into a Push on the Don’t Pass Line.

Barred – A player which is no longer permitted into the casino. Same as Banned.

Base – The area on a Craps table where most of the wagers are placed.

Base Dealer – Craps dealer which is responsible for one of the Bases.

Basic Strategy – A system in any particular game, which maximizes the potential of winning.

Bet – To wager.

Betting Limits – The minimum & maximum amounts of money which a player can place on one bet. Different games and different casinos commonly have different betting limits.

Betting Right – In Craps term, ‘betting with the shooter.’

Betting Wrong – In Craps term, ‘betting against the shooter.’

Bingo – A prize game whereby contestants purchase cards with numbers on them in a five by five grid corresponding to the letters in the word BINGO. Numbers are chosen at random, and the first player to complete the word BINGO in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line wins.

Black Book – A list of players who is forbidden to enter any casino in Nevada.

Blackjack - Als /> Blind Bet – In poker, where player’s haven’t seen their cards.

Blinds – A forced bet in Texas Holdem Poker.

Bonus – Something given or paid over and above what is due.

Book – To accept a wager or a person who accepts action on sporting games.

Box – In Craps, the area of the Craps table which the Box man controls.

Boxing – In horse racing, a single ticket comprising more than one parlay.

Box man – In Craps, a casino staff member who is in charge of the Craps table.

Break – In Blackjack, to go over 21.

Break Even Point – Theoretical gambling term signaling the point at which, if you played forever, your bet and payoffs would equal each other.

Brick – A card that appears not to help a player’s poker hand. A ‘blank’ in 7-card stud poker.

Buck – A $100 bet.

Bug – A joker.

Bump – Same as to raise.

Burn Cards – A card temporary taken out of the deck and put in the discard tray by the dealer after he or she shuffled & cut the deck.

Bust – In Blackjack, meaning to exceed 21. The same as Break.

Buy In – Purchasing a casino chips or to exchange cash for casino chips.


Call – In Poker, to match the current bet.

Call Bet – Any bet made verbally.

Camouflage – Anything a gambler does to hide actions from the casino.

Capping – Placing an extra chips on a bet after dealing has started. Illegal, and it is a serious type of player cheating.

Card Shark – A gambler card skill.

Caribbean Stud Poker – A five-card poker in which players compete against the house.

Carousel – A group of slot machines organized in a circle, with a change person situated in the middle to exchange cash into coins for the players.

Carpet Joint – Slang expression which is a luxury casino.

Case Money – Emergency money or extra cash.

Cashier’s Cage – A casino’s cash desk for exchanging or cashing in the casino chips.

Casino Advantage – The edge (statistical or otherwise) that a casino has over players.

Casino Rate – A discounted hotel room cost sometimes offered to customers by a casino.

Catch – In Keno, a number that you have chosen is drawn.

Change Color – To exchange any one-color denomination casino chip for another color casino chip.

Chase – To place another bet with the hope of regaining to win back the money originally lost.

Check – In a casino, another word for Chip. In Poker, to stay in the game without placing a bet.

Chemin De Fer – A table game utilizing 6 or 8 card decks, similar to Baccarat though requiring skill.

Chips – Round plastic discs representing various denominations of money.

Chip Tray – The tray near to the dealer which holds the table’s chips.

Coat Tail – To bet the same numbers of someone who is currently winning.

Cold – Experiencing a losing streak or a period of unsuccessful wagering.

Color Up – To trade smaller-denomination chips for bigger denomination chips. Also known as to Color Out.

Combination Way Ticket – In Keno, a ticket betting groups of numbers in different ways, providing the player with a wider range of winning combinations.

Comps – Complimentary gifts given by casinos to players to encourage them to gamble. In land-based casinos this typically includes food & beverages. Online casinos provide cash-valued points.

Come Bet – In Craps, a wager placed on the Come Line.

Come Line – In Craps, place on the table where a Come Bet is placed.

Come Out Roll – In Craps, a shooter’s first roll in any given round. Establishes the Point.

Copy – In Pai Gow Poker, when the player and the banker have the same two-card or five-card hand. The banker wins all copies.

Counting Cards – Memorizing played cards in a game of Blackjack in order to have an advantage against the dealer on the remaining cards not played.

Cracking The Nut – Winning enough cash on a gambling trip to cover all the expenses plus bring home a little profit.

Craps – A casino game played using dice.

Craps Out – In Craps, a roll of 2, 3, or 12 on the Come Out Roll.

Credit B utton – In slot machines or video machines, the button allows players to play coins in the form of credits.

Crew – In Craps, the dealers assigned to a game or table.

Crossroader – One who cheats.

Croupier – Alternate word for Dealer, used in Baccarat & Roulette.

Cut – To divide a card deck into 2 parts.

Cut Card – A faceless plastic card used for cutting a deck of cards.



D’Alenbert System – A scoring plan in which one unit is added for a losing bet & one subtracted for a winning bet.

Deal – To distribute the cards during a hand.

Dealer – Casino staff member who deals. Sometimes called the Banker.

Deposit – A payment you usually pay to online casinos using a credit card, a web wallet or one of the online payment systems, in order to play online casino games.

Deuce – A two in a dice.

Dice – A two identical numbered cubes.

Die – Singular form of dice.

Dime – A $10-valued chip.

Dime Bet – A $1000 bet.

Discard Tray – A tray near the dealer for the cards that have been played or discarded.

Dollar Bet – A $100 bet.

Don’t Come Bet – In Craps, it is the equal to a Don’t Pass Bet, but that is placed after the initial Come Out Roll.

Don’t Come Line – In Craps, the place on the table where a Don’t Come Bet is placed.

Don’t Pass Bet – In Craps, a bet placed before the initial Come Out Roll, betting that a 7 will be rolled before the Point is repeated.

Don’t Pass Line – In Craps, the place on the table where a Don’t Pass Bet is placed.

Double Down – In Blackjack, a betting option that allows a player to receive one card, and only one card, to try and beat the dealer. Should the player’s hand beats the dealer’s, the player wins double his original bet.

Double Up – Gambling strategy whereby the player doubles his bet after a loss in order to try to win back. Also called the Martingale System.

Down Card – A face down card.

Down to the Felt – Out of cash, broke.

Draw – To draw a card for completing a hand. Typically used in Poker games.

Drop – Money lost during gambling.

Drop Box – On a gaming table, the box that serves as a repository for cash, markers, and chips.



Edge – An advantage. Usually used to indicate an advantage a casino has over a player.

Encryption – A software security measure taken by online casinos to ensure that online transactions are safe from hackers.

En Prison – In Roulette, the money remaining on the table in some casinos following a 1 to 1 bet when a zero or double zero appears. A form of bonus.

Even Money Bet – A bet with odds of one to one is the bet that pays you back the same amount that you bet, plus your original bet.

Expected Win Rate – In slot machines, the percentage of all the money wagered which a player can reasonably expect to win back over time.

Eyes in the Sky – Overhead surveillance video camera at casinos.



Face Cards – The King, Queen & Jack in any suit of cards.

Fifth Street – In seven-card stud poker, the 3rd round of betting. Termed Fifth Street because players have five cards.

Fill – In Poker, to draw a card that makes a 5-card hand.

Fill Up – In Poker, to attain a Full House.

Firing – Betting a large amount of money.

First Base – In Blackjack, the nearest seat to the shoe, which is dealt to first.

Flat Betting – A betting strategy whereby the same amount is always bet, without raising or lowering the amount.

Flat Top – A fixed-jackpot slot machine. The opposite to a Progressive.

Flea – An annoying person who wants something for nothing. One who expects to be comped for a small wager.

Float – The bank at the table.

Floor man – A casino manager.

Flop – In Poker, including Texas Hold Em Poker, the first three cards which are dealt all at once, face up.

Foul – In Pai Gow Poker, when the two-card hand is greater than the five-card hand, or when the hands contain the wrong number of cards. Result equals automatic loss.

Fourth Street – In seven-card stud poker, the second round of wagering. Called Fourth Street because players hold four cards.

Front Line – In Craps, the same as a Pass Line.

Front Money – Deposit made with the casino to establish a player’s credit.

Full House – In poker, it is a hand consisting of a three of a kind and a pair.



Gambling – Risking money against the casino or a game for a desired outcome.

Game – A recreational contest that involves an agreed structure that would determine a winner.

Garbage Hand – A hand of cards to a player that present little or no value in the game being played.

George – A gambler who is a good tipper.

Grease – To bribe. Slang.

Green Chip – A chip that has a value of 25 dollars.

Grind – Playing with a small stakes.

Gross Winnings – Total payout, including the original bet. Opposite to Net Winnings.



Hand – Refers to the cards that a gambler or player holding.

Hard Count – Counting real money, as opposed to chips.

Hard Hand – In Blackjack, any hand that doesn’t contain an ace valuing eleven.

Hard Way Bet – In Craps, a wager that attempts to predict the total of both dice on doubles.

High Poker – Standard poker. Poker where high hands win. Opposite of Low Poker.

High Roller – A player betting large amount of money or a big bettor.

Hit – To take another card.

Hold Your Own – To break even. Not winning nor losing.

Hole Card – In Blackjack, the face down card that the dealers gets.

Horn Bet – In Craps, a one-roll wager combining 2, 3, 11, and 12.

Hot – To be hot is to be having a winning streak.

House – Same as casino, dealer, or banker.

House Edge – A casino’s inherent advantage over players.



Inside Bet – In Roulette, a wager placed on the inside of the table: on a single number or combination of numbers.

Inside Straight – In poker, four cards that occur in sequence where the straight can only be completed one way.

Insurance – In Blackjack, a side bet that the dealer has a Natural “two card hand totaling 21″. Offered only when a dealer’s face-up card is an ace.



Jackpot – The cumulative stakes in a game.

Jacks or Better – In Poker, a winning hand by having a pair of jacks or higher.

Joker – A Wild Card, or the fifty-third card in a deck.

Juice – The commission received by the casino.

Junket – People who travel to casinos to gamble together.



Keno – A game that a plays to select ten numbers out of eighty and make bet on how many of their selected numbers will be called.

Keno board – A board that displays the winning numbers in Keno.

Keno Lounge – A place in a casino that players can sit and play their keno game.

Kwik-Pik – In Keno, it is a ticket that has a numbers randomly chosen.

Kicker – In Draw Poker, an odd high card which doesn’t contribute to a Straight or a Flush.



Ladderman – This is a casino employee who oversees the baccarat game. This game has two Dealers who are seated together at the center of the table, a Caller standing at the table across from the dealers, and the Ladderman, who supervises the action from a high chair above the table.

Late Surrender – In Blackjack, a player may only surrender half the of the original bet after seeing the dealers up card which has not hit a Blackjack.

Laying the Odds – Betting on a probable winner in spite of a payoff less than the amount wagered. Common in sports wagering where there’s a clear favorite. The opposite of Taking the Odds.

Layout – a surface on a gaming table including the areas where players place their bets.

Let It Ride – To increase a wager by two. To Press.

Limit – In poker, a game that has a fixed limit on how much you can bet in each round.

Line Bet – In Roulette, wagering involves on six different numbers at the same time.

Load Up – To play the maximum number of coins in slot machines or video poker.

Loaded Dice – A tampered dice with the effects on the favorable combinations.

Long Run – Theoretical term describing the ultimate balancing-out of wins and losses over a long period of time.

Loose – In Slot machines, it is a machine that has a high payoffs.

Lowball – A game of draw poker in which the player having the lowest-ranking hand wins the pot.

Low Poker – A form of poker whereby the lowest hand wins. Also known as lowball.

Low Roller – A person who only bets in a small amount.

Lumpy – A dealer whose dealing is not smooth.



Marker – A written check at a table by a gambler with established credit at the casino.

Martingale System – It is a betting system where a player doubles up after a loss.

Match Play – It is a competition system usually in tournaments which is the participation of two players in a series games.

Mechanic – A dealer who cheats.

Mini-Baccarat – A smaller form of Baccarat with fewer players & dealers.

Multi-Player Casino – A featured game offered by online casinos that lets you play against other players.

Money – A term referring to $500. Used on occasion.

Money Put In Action – Term for all money played during a playing session, including winnings after each game or round. Not used to indicate just the money first wagered.

Money Plays – A way to declared the wager should not be change to a chips.

Monkey – Term occasionally used for a card having a value of ten.



Natural – In Blackjack, a two-card hand total of 21.

Negative Expectation – A predicted gambling loss over a long period of time. See House Edge.

Net Winnings – Total winnings, less a player’s original wager.

Nickel – A casino chip worth $5.

Non-Negotiable Chip – A casino chip that is promotional which can’t be exchanged for cash.

Non-Value Chip – A casino chip with a value determined by the Buy In amount, as opposed to a fixed-value chip.

Number Pool – The whole range of numbers offered in a game like Keno.

Nut – The amount of money that a player sets out to win before quitting.



Odds – The amount of a wager pays off.

Off – Losing wagers.

On Tilt – A negative reaction to a losing situation, which is being out of control.

One-Roll Bet – In Craps, a bet that depends to win or lose on a single roll of dice.

Open – In Poker, the first player to wager.

Outside Bet – In Roulette, a bet placed on the outside of the table where 12 or 18 numbers are bet on at a time.

Overlay – A good bet where the gambler have an edge over the casino.



Paint – A Face Card. A King, Queen, or Jack of any suit.

Palette – Tool typically used by a Baccarat dealer to move cards on the table.

Pass – Not to wager. To fold.

Pass Line – In Craps, a place on the table where a Pass Line Bet is placed.

Pass Line Bet – In Craps, a wager placed before the Come Out Roll which the Point will repeat.

Pat – In Draw Poker, a hand that does not require any more cards. In Blackjack, a hand worth a minimum of 17 points but no more than 21.

Pay line – The line on a slot machine where symbols must line up.

Payoff – The return paid on a winning wager.

Payoff Odds – The odds accorded to different wagers in casinos, with different payoff values.

Payout Percentage – The percent of every dollar played in a slot machine or video poker which is programmed to be returned to the player.

Payout Table – A posting that indicates to a player what a winning hand will pay.

Pigeon – A naive player.

Pit – An place in a casino where table games are arranged around a central area that is reserved for dealers and casino staff.

Pit Boss – A casino employee who oversees the Pit as a supervisor of the whole area.

Pit Manager – Slightly different from a Pit Boss. A Pit Manager handles all problems and enforces casino policy.

Place Bet – A bet made after a game established.

Player – Someone who gambles in a casino.

Playing the Rush – A term for a poker player who’s won a lot of money in a little amount of time.

Plug – A card shuffling technique regularly used in Blackjack.

Pocket Cards – In Poker, cards dealt face down.

Poker – A card game with many variations whereby players attempt to arrange a winning hand according to each individual game’s rules.

Point – in Craps, a number that must be repeated before a seven is thrown in order for a pass line bet or a come out bet to win.

Pot – In Poker, the amount of money that accumulates in the middle of the table. The pot goes to whoever wins the hand.

Press – To increase a wager by two. To Let It Ride.

Probability – A mathematical calculation establishing the likelihood that an event will happen.

Progression Betting – A type of betting whereby the size of the wager is changed according to a set formula.

Progressive – In slot machine, it is an increasing jackpot. Opposite of a Flat Top.

Proposition Bet – In Craps, a dice bet placed on various combinations.

Punch Board – In lottery, it is a punch out slot for a chance to win money or a prize.

Punter – Another term for Gambler.

Punto Banco – Same as Baccarat.

Push – A tie between a player & a dealer. Money is usually returned in the event of a push.



Quads – In Poker, it is a four of a kind.

Qualifier – In Poker, it is a hand’s of a minimum rank in order to be a winner.

Quarter – A chip worth $25.



Rack – A container carrying chips and tokens in a casino.

Rake – A fee charged by the casino for each round of poker, generally calculated by percentage.

Rank – In Poker, a card-hand’s value.

Rated – Term applied to high-skilled players.

Riffling – A common shuffling process whereby the dealer intermixes two halves of a deck of cards.

Right Bettor – In Craps, a person wagering on the Pass Line.

River – In Poker, the name of the final card dealt in a hand.

Roulette – A game of chance played at a table marked off with numbers from 1 to 36, one or two zeros, and several other sections affording the players a variety of betting opportunities

Round – One cycle of a game and all the bets that are placed during that cycle. Each round varies depending on the game. In Roulette, a round is a single spin of the wheel. In Poker, a round includes everything from the time initial wagers are placed to when a winner’s been determined.

Royal Flush – In poker, an ace-high straight flush; the best possible hand.



Sawdust Joint – A non-luxurious gambling environment.

Sawbuck – Means ten dollars.

Scared Money – A player money that cannot afford to lose.

Session – A period of gambling.

Set – In Pai Gow Poker, the splitting of a 7-card hand into two hands of five & two.

Seven-Out – In Craps, rolling a 7 when the Point has been set.

Seventh Street – In 7-card stud poker, the fifth (and final) round of betting. Referred to as Seventh Street because players have 7 cards.

Shark – Someone who cheats, or an very skilled card player. Slang.

Shill – A person employed by the casino to begin a game, or to fill empty chairs at a table.

Shiner – A mirror or similar reflecting object for illegally viewing hidden cards.

Shoe – A wooden box which holds and dispenses cards at a table.

Shooter – In Craps, the player who rolls the dice.

Short Run – A short series of events in any game.

Showdown – In Poker, the term for the end of a game when players reveal their cards to determine the winner.

Shuffle Tracking – In Blackjack, An illegal type of observation used mainly in Blackjack.

Shuffle Up – Mixing the deck of cards.

Shutter – In Bingo, a window that’s covered a number or a marker used to mark each number as it is called.

Silver Mining – Searching for coins remaining in slot machines.

Single – A simple wager placed on just one event or selection. Also known as a Straight Bet.

Singleton – In Poker, a card which is the only one of its rank.

Sixth Street – In 7-card stud, the 4th betting round. Called Sixth Street because players each possess six cards.

Skin – A dollar.

Skin Game – In Poker, a game having more than one cheater.

Skinning the Hand – Technique utilized by cheaters in Poker to unload extra cards.

Slot Club Member – A frequent gambler who’s given a card to use on slot machines.

Slot Walking – Also called Silver Mining. The practice of looking for coins left in unattended slot machines.

Snake Eyes – In Craps, a roll of the dice resulting in a total of two.

Soft Count – Counting the Drop Box’s contents.

Soft Count Room – The room in which a Soft Count is administered.

Soft Hand – In Blackjack, any hand including an ace which is counted as eleven.

Spinner – A winning streak.

Spooking – Form of cheating whereby two players work together to cheat the casino. Usually used in Blackjack, one player tries to see the dealer’s Hole Card & then secretly passes this information to his or her partner seated at the table.

Spot – A number from one to eighty which a player selects on a Keno ticket. It also refers to the amount of numbers which are marked on a ticket.

Stack – A stack of chips, generally twenty chips in a column regularly used in Roulette.

Stand – To no longer accept any more cards. To Stay.

Standing Hand – In Blackjack, a hand with a total of seventeen or more, but which may likely bust should the player hit once more.

Stay – To refuse any additional cards. To Stand.

Steaming – A Blackjack synonym for On Tilt. A time of poor judgment by a player after a series of losses.

Stick Man – In Craps, the casino employee who calls the rolled numbers and controls the stick.

Stiff Hand – In Blackjack, a hand that is not Pat nor Standing. A hand totaling between 12 & 16, which could bust.

Straight – In poker, consist of five cards with five straight numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 is a called straight.

Straight Keno – Traditional Keno, played by marking numbers on a Keno ticket.

Straight Flush – In poker, consist of five cards of consecutive ranks of the same suit.

Streak Betting – Betting on a recent trend or streak. In streak betting, players increase their wagers as a result of what’s going on in the game. Also called Progressive Betting.

Stripping – A card shuffling technique that reverses a deck’s order, from the first card to the last.

Stud Poker – Type of Poker played with a combination of exposed cards & face down cards. Opposite of Draw Poker.

Suit – Any of the 4 types of cards in a deck: Clubs, Hearts, Spades or Diamonds.

Surrender – To give up a wager prior to a hand being finished.

System – A method of betting based on mathematics used in the hopes of getting an advantage.



TAB – Totalisator Agency Board, or off-track betting’s regulating agency.

Table Hold – The total amount of all money won by a casino table game from all gamblers during an 8- hour session.

Table Stakes – In Poker, a limited amount of money available to a player for betting and raising: the cash on the table.

Table Test – A test a dealer must pass before being hired by a casino. See Audition.

Taking the Odds – Making a wager which is lower than the eventual payoff if the wager is successful. The opposite of Laying the Odds. Together, Taking the Odds & Laying the Odds constitute the two major forms of gambling.

Tapping Out – Losing it all, causing the player to stop playing.

Tell Play – Term associated with reading a dealer or player’s body language or facial expressions to guess Hole Cards.

Third Base – In Blackjack, the seat which is played last, just before the dealer’s hand is played.

Third Street – In 7-card stud, the 1st round of betting. Called Third Street because players have three cards.

Three-Card Monte – Popular 3-card game. Similar to Bragg.

Three of a Kind – In Poker, three cards with the same rank.

Ticket – A card.

Time Cut – Money charged for time played in a casino or poker room.

Tip – A gratuity.

Toke – Short for token. A tip given to the dealer in either money or chips.

Token – A casino coin used for playing slot machines.

Touch Wand – A device occasionally found on Video Keno machines to select numbers.

Tournament – A competition among gamblers for a set period of time, often with wide, varying rules.

Trips – 3 cards of the same rank.

True Odds – The actual odds of an event happening, taking into account a casino’s edge.



Underlay – An unwise bet, or a wager whose likelihood of occurring doesn’t correspond to the amount of money wagered on it.

Unit – Simplified gaming term denoting the smallest amount of money used in a bet. Using units eliminates the need to calculate actual dollar amounts in their various chip denominations.

Up card – The card that the dealer’s will exposed, or face up.



Vigorish – The edge of the casino or a commission received by the casino.

VIP – Very Important Person. Generally a High Roller.

VLT – Video Lottery Terminal.



Wager – Staked on an uncertain event or a bet.

Washing – A shuffling technique where the dealer spreads the cards on the table & mixes them in a style resembling washing. After wards, the dealer proceeds to shuffle the cards in a more traditional style.

Whale – Name given to the very high roller, somebody who wagers thousands of dollars on single bet.

White Meat – A term for profit. Slang.

Wild Card – A card which can be used to complete a hand in card games. Usually a joker.

Wired Cards – In poker, a Pair, Triples, or 4-of-a-Kind dealt back-to-back in one hand.

Working – In Craps, a term used for signaling that bets are in play.

World Bet – In Craps, a one-roll wager on the Horn, including the seven.

Wrong Bettor – In Craps, a gambler betting on the Don’t Pass Line.



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