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Rome Casino Review


Rome Casino has a simple but effective theme for its online casino; the famous Colosseum games associated with Ancient Rome are re-born without the gladiator fighting this time! The mottos of Rome and the luxury of the ancient period are represented throughout this site for example there is a page devoted to help players with strategies because ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ either like becoming a pro gambler! There are also lots of bonuses to reward players like those esteemed Roman citizens with a generous welcome bonus so that you are tempted to sign up immediately! The wisdom of time and experience like those in the Senate is also represented by the friendly online support available 24/7 for players.

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You are greeted with one of the most generous bonuses around- The Romulus’ Welcome bonus-with up to $10,000 up for grabs when you start as your first 10 deposits all have a big bonus attached. That’s not all though Rome Casino also has a whole load of weekly, daily and weekend promotions including cash back and casino match bonuses of 100% to reward players. There is also the Copia cash back bonus with 25% back on your deposit if you play blackjack, poker or roulette.

This site also has one of the most fun loyalty programs as all the levels are based around Roman gladiators- the first level is called legionnaire class, the next up named Centurion, then Senator and Caesar and the top level is Jupiter! There are exclusive bonuses and benefits like higher withdrawal and table limits for the VIP players who are members of the program. This says ‘coming soon’ on the website at the moment so hopefully it is as it looks like an exciting casino club to be part of.


All the usual suspects can be found on this site with a great selection of video slots of various different lines and jackpots. One of the big favourites with the girls at Rome casino is Beauty salon with 20 lines and a makeover whilst you play plus a bonus round it’s a game you will end up playing over and over. You can also spin the classic slot reels with Bankroll games and fruit slots just a couple of those available to play. For those who like the more intense table games you can choose from different roulette and blackjack games as well as craps. These are the games that are popular with gamers who like to feel like they are at the casino. Another table game this site offers players and is fast becoming popular is Mini Baccarat; this is slightly easier to play than traditional Baccarat as you don’t need to be the dealer in this game. There are also only 6 decks in this game rather than the normal 8 decks so it is a much faster paced and therefore more exciting.

If you are new to casino play you can some useful tips on how to play all the most popular games like Blackjack, Classic slots, craps, roulette, video poker and video slots in the strategy section. You can also play for real or for fun so if you don’t feel confident spending your money then that is always a good option.

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